SPJ130 Pre-expander Accuracy, Less steam consumption
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    SPJ130 Pre-expander Accuracy, Less steam consumption

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    SPJ130 Pre-expander Accuracy, Less steam consumption

    We always focus on

    2.jpg.---Stable quality(质量控制)

    ---Less density tolerance

    (Steam control)

    ---Even beads

    (Material level control)

    ---less broken beads;


    ---Energy saving


    A, All shafts ,inside shell (5mm) , bottom plate 5mm, Inside drier beds 1mm, We all use high- class stainless steel . Instead of normal steel or cro-galvanize parts.

    3. png4.png

    Inside chamberinside drier bed

    B,The vertical angle error of Main shafts, It like Spine of this machine, If it is any problem, it will directly decide the life of machine. We will special use vertical lathe machine to process all connection face and bearing support, all keep very less error for main shafts of this machine.

    C, All valves, gauge and electrical parts are taking by famous brand.

    All detailed are based on components list.


    2)How to keep less density tolerance

    We keep high accurate weighing scales and vibrated level sensor control. Let we check the photos, fixed weight, fixed volume, the level sensor control is very important. Therefore, we take Vibrated sensor, instead of ele-photo sensor. Since ele-photo sensor always give wrong signal .


    3)How to ensure even beads and less broken beads

    机器可以通过温度和压力设置来控制。保持更均匀,更少的珠子。这对于EPS产品的性能非常好,例如导热率(0.031〜0.040W / m.K),强188博金宝网站度。

    PID蒸汽系统: Accurate pressure reducer + proportional valve , all this keep very stable and accurate steam. In addition , proportional steam valve can be adjust the open area of valve automatically, according to outer steam pressure and setting pressure.


    Japan pressure reducer with proportional valve = keep very stable and accurate steam.

    (less broken beads):The EPS beads will be got broken from 97~103 degree. You can set the control temperature, When the chamber temperature reach setting temperature, the compressed air valve will be opened for adjust the temperature. The compressed air is also controlled by German Proportional valve (PID control); it will be adjustable open area of valve according to entry air pressure and setting temperature automatically.


    Germany Proportional valve controls the open area of valve adjustable accuracy according to entry air pressure and setting inside temperature of chamber automatically.

    4) Energy –saving and safety (0.55kg/蒸汽/ kg材料膨胀)

    A) All steam valve and air valve are proportional valve, Once the entry pressure is high, this valve will be close a little automatically to balance pressure inside chamber, give stable steam and air. Instead of open vent valve to balance pressure;

    B) Normally, we use small vent valve for safety protection, and big vent for exhaust. This will save too much steam.


    Vent valve and Safety valve Pressure control

    We set temperature sensor and pressure sensor to controlled entry steam ; which give first signal to computer for stop steam and air entry.

    We set electrical pressure gauge to give first protection , set limit 0.4 bar ; But we test 0.6 bar;

    The safety valve is give third protection.

    5) Note:

    Double –expansion systemanddensity measure system is optional


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